Steven Greer pela primeira vez em Portugal

O Dr. Steven Greer virá pela primeira vez a Portugal em Setembro de 2015, estando a programar uma palestra no dia 3 de Setembro, em Lisboa.

Se tem interesse em participar, por favor insira os seus dados neste link para receber mais informações:



Este registo não é vinculativo. Oportunamente ser-lhe-à enviada por email a confirmação da realização e local da palestra, bem como o preço e o link para inscrição efectiva.


*** RETIRO para práctica de protocolo de contacto CE-5  ***

A palestra não está incluída no programa de retiro. Para mais informações, leia o texto abaixo.


GreerMais de um bilião de pessoas ouviram falar da conferência de imprensa através do webcast original e através da cobertura dos media como BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, meios de comunicação chineses e de toda a América Latina. O webcast teve 250.000 pessoas online – o maior webcast na história do National Press Club.

Membro da Alpha Omega Alpha, a mais prestigiada sociedade honorária de medicina dos EUA, o Dr. Greer retirou-se da carreira de médico de emergência para trabalhar com o CSETI, The Disclosure Project e o Projeto Orion.

Empenhado em divulgar a presença e contacto benevolente de civilizações extraterrestres, e em treinar todos aqueles que pretendam ser Embaixadores dessas civilizações no nosso planeta, Steven Greer tem viajado pelo mundo inteiro, imbuído da missão de contribuir para uma nova consciência com vista a estabelecer uma Cultura de Paz Universal.

Estará em Portugal pela primeira vez em Setembro de 2015 para uma semana de treino intensivo (ver abaixo), e uma conferência pública (será divulgado em breve o local e a data).

Dora Martinez Pinto


Cromeleques de Almendre

An extraordinary opportunity to be out under the stars with Dr. Greer in beautiful Portugal.

All group sessions – afternoon and night –  will be in English.   A good working knowledge of English is essential.

Please join us for a week.

We will be at a small private retreat on 116 acres in the historic  Alentejo region of Portugal, not far from what is known as the Stonehenge of Portugal.

We will make a day trip to these ancient megaliths and each night we will be under the stars practicing the CE-5 Contact protocols, in an area known for UFO sightings in the past.

This week long intensive is limited to about 30 registrants and provides for an intensive training program with Dr. Greer.

It is also a true expedition, where each night we will go out under the stars for 4-5 hours to make Contact using the very effective CE-5 Contact Protocols.

During this intensive training program you will learn:

  • How to make Contact with ET civilizations using the CE-5 protocols and how to really become an Ambassador to the Universe
  • Advanced training in mantra meditation
  • Advanced techniques of Remote Viewing, Precognition and the Science of Consciousness
  • The Effects of the Sanskrit Puja as we make sacred the place for Contact using this ancient Vedic Ceremony
  • An update on world-wide Disclosure Project developments by Dr. Greer and the progress being made with leaders around the world
  • An in depth review of New Energy technologies, including free energy from the zero point field, anti-gravity and how the World can be transformed with these new sciences
  • A deep understanding of the next great cycle on Earth: One of Universal Peace, Free Energy, Abundance and Enlightenment through higher states of Consciousness
  • How to set up your own Contact Team in your local area to continue to make Contact with ET visitors to Earth!


The week long expedition will start with a group dinner on Saturday September 5, 2015.

The last night under the stars will be Friday night September 11 and people will check out of the retreat center on Saturday September 12.

The precise venue will be given to you once you have registered.   We will also set up a private Facebook page just for those coming to the Expedition so that people may get to know each other in advance and possibly share travel plans.

The fees are as follows:

-Tuition, 7 nights at the hotel in a single room with private bath, group dinner the first night : – $3960  US

-Tuition for 2, 7 nights at the hotel in a double room with private bath,  dinner for both with the group : – $6050 US.

 The price is subject to change if the dollar weakens relative to the Euro.

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel before July 23, 2015 you will receive your full payment minus $500 US (non refundable).  If you cancel after July 23, 2015 we must be able to find a replacement person for the event in order to refund your payment.  ($500 US is still non-refundable).

Required Reading/Study: Before attending the training, please study the Contact Training Program or download the iPhone or Android ET Contact Tool app and study it.  The app is an excellent introduction to the CE-5 program.  Studying the materials in advance greatly enhances your experience.

For questions please write to

*Tuition-These fees are the main source of  support  for our work for Disclosure , New Energy and Contact. These expenses include day to day costs from phones to web-hosting to travel and lodging to briefing societal and world leadership & special briefings for politicians and military– most of which is uncompensated and must paid for by the organization. Thank you. – See more at: