Em Memória de Jesse Marcel Junior

Jesse Marcel Junior

30 de Agosto de 1936 – 24 de Agosto de 2013


Quase a completar 77 anos de idade, Jesse Marcel Junior morreu na sua casa em Helena, Montana, Estados Unidos da América, no passado Sábado dia 24 de Agosto de 2013.

Filho de Jesse Marcel, um oficial de Inteligência que fazia parte do 509th Composite Group que largou duas bombas atómicas sobre o Japão em 1945.

Na primeira semana de Julho de 1947, Jesse Junior viu o seu Pai mostrar-lhe umas estranhas peças de folha tipo alumínio, uns fragmentos de plástico preto e uns pequenos tubos que tinham uns símbolos de cor violeta. Jesse lembra-se que o seu Pai lhe referiu que aquelas peças pertenciam a um disco voador que se havia despenhado nas redondezas de Roswell, no Novo México.

Foto cortesia do Paradigm Research Group.



Fonte da Notícia: https://kevinrandle.blogspot.ca/2013/08/jesse-marcel-has-died.html

Just minutes ago I received some very sad news. Jesse Marcel, Jr. died of a heart attack on August 24. He was alone, at home, apparently reading a UFO book when he died.

I have known Jesse for more than a quarter century. I first met him while we both
were in Roswell to film a segment for the old Unsolved Mysteries that aired on NBC. We had gone out to dinner with a number of those in town for the program and since we shared a military background, including that of Army Aviation, we connected immediately. As medical doctor, he was trained as a flight surgeon and I, of course, had been a helicopter pilot.

From that point I met him quite a few times as we both explored the Roswell UFO crash case. He, as a young man, boy really, of eleven was exposed to metallic debris that his father had brought home late that July night. He told the story to all who would listen with little in the way of variation.

I learned of the special bond he’d had with his father. He told me that that one day, he had asked his father what the atomic bomb looked like and Jesse, Sr. had drawn a picture of “Fat Man.” He then shredded it and burned the pieces. Although reluctant to share they story outside a small circle of friends, he did mention it at the Citizen Hearing in Washington this last May.